Haaretz, Sep. 2, 2015

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi 


by having the chutzpah to discover gas in its waters, Egypt also rudely interfered in Israel’s internal affairs.

[...] Do the consumers of natural gas, among them the European countries and Turkey, not know that cheap Iranian gas is waiting around the corner? Will any of them really commit to the high Israeli price when in another year or two the price of gas will come down?

[...] “[G]as” and “Israel” don’t digest well in the Egyptian stomach. Especially after Hosni Mubarak was put on trial for selling cheap gas to Israel when Egypt needed that gas itself.

Before the discovery of the gas, people in Egypt talked about the risk to national security caused by dependence on Israeli gas, and that gas would put Israel in a position of strength vis a vis Egypt. Now al-Sissi can breathe a little easier. He will have gas of his own. He can bring in investors, reduce the deficit, pay off debts and create thousands more jobs. We are allowed to be happy for them.