Jews for Justice for Palestinians, May 12, 2015

Israeli general sees common interests with Hamas

May 12, 2015

Israel and Hamas share common interests, and the Palestinian Islamists must stay in power in the Gaza Strip to prevent the enclave descending into chaos, an Israeli general was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

[...] Speaking to the heads of Israeli villages on the Gaza periphery on Monday, Turgeman said Hamas seeks stability and “does not want global jihad” — a term Israel uses to describe Islamic State, al Qaeda and their off-shoots.

“Israel and Hamas have shared interests, including in the current situation, which is quiet and calm and growth and prosperity,” said the general.

With neither side apparently interested in renewed conflict for now, an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire that halted fighting in the 50-day conflict last July and August has largely held.

“There is no substitute for Hamas as sovereign in the Strip. The substitute is the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) and chaotic rule … and then the security situation would be much more problematic,” Turgeman said.