Haaretz, Feb. 21, 2016


the comic artist and caricaturist at Yedioth Ahronoth, Daniella London-Dekel, suddenly steps out of her usual confines and publishes a pointed personal grievance: “Last weekend my son, a combatant in the Nahal paratroop brigade, was called on to safeguard the ‘run of the forefathers,’ an event held by settlers in Hebron. Due to the ‘important’ nature of this event my son did not come home for the weekend.”

[...] Who is supposed to watch over settlers running through the city of our forefathers? Other soldiers? Darker ones? Those who aren’t the sons of “White Tel Avivian lefties”?

[...] It’s not others or the children of others. It’s us, all of us, our sons and daughters. The responsibility, or blame, is all on us.