Haaretz, Sep. 10, 2016


The heavily-armed elite IDF soldiers tasked with ensuring that Aref Jaber doesn't expand his house bravely leap into action when faced with any security threat, be it a child or a camera crew. The house has been declared a closed military zone, they say.



[Jaber’s 12-year-old son, Amir] was observed climbing up the stairs to the roof [....] The two soldiers [...] crossed the street and warned Jaber with extraordinary politeness to get the boy off the roof [....]

Haaretz, Apr. 20, 2017


we got as far as the settlement of Alei Zahav, on whose outskirts another settlement, Leshem, is being built. Tractors were working and some kind of a tour was going on, possibly for prospective buyers of what indeed appears to be what will be a lovely neighborhood.

Haaretz, Dec. 9, 2016

Majdi Shtiyeh and his herd, in Salem this week. The grazing lands are now inaccessible.

Dozens of sheep were crowded along the slope. They don’t have anywhere to go from here. Even their feed is not feed, consisting of leftover thistles and autumn thorns. One shepherd reports that they are already eating one another: the wool of some has been plucked, exposing bare patches of skin. His uncle already sold his herd and now only he is left to carry on, in one way or another, herding his sheep on the tiny piece of grazing land that still remains accessible to his village, Salem, east of Nablus.

Haaretz, Oct. 7, 2016


much of this new building activity is taking place in locations like Ariel, far away from Israel’s internationally recognized border or any other likely future border. As such, it appears aimed at blocking any future evacuation of the settlements.


Secondo i militari, il 31enne Basel al-Aaraj apparteneva ad una cellula terroristica che progettava attentati contro lo Stato ebraico. Una dozzina di arresti in diverse parti della Cisgiordania: a finire in manette 7 affiliati di Hamas

Esercito israeliano durante un blitz in Cisgiordania. (Foto: Kelly Lynn, al-Jazeera)

Esercito israeliano durante un blitz in Cisgiordania. (Foto: Kelly Lynn, al-Jazeera)


L’Anp di Abu Mazen finisce sotto accusa per il coordinamento sicurezza con Israele, dopo uccisione la scorsa notte a Ramallah da parte dei soldati israeliani di Basel Araj. Un anno fa Araj – un attivista politico per i palestinesi, un “terrorista” per Israele – assieme ad altri due palestinesi era stato detenuto senza processo in un carcere dei servizi di sicurezza palestinesi. Era stato liberato dopo aver fatto per giorno lo sciopero della fame. Appena rimesso in libertà era stato subito inserito nella lista dei “ricercati” da Israele. Hamas e Fronte popolare accusano Anp e Israele di aver operato insieme per eliminare Araj.