Catégorie : Cisgiordania

Haaretz, Nov 12, 2017


Nabil Daragmeh told Haaretz that last Thursday he saw soldiers putting something under a rock on the road in front of the hill where he lives. He also saw them photographing whatever it was they had left by the road. After they had gone, he went to see what it was.

He found one Hebrew-language order that was signed and dated, another Hebrew-language order that was neither signed nor dated, and a third order in Arabic that was also neither signed nor dated. He immediately told the other residents, who were frightened and confused.

These herding communities have been in the area for decades, but Israel does not allow them to connect to infrastructure or add new homes and public buildings to keep up with their growing population and changing needs [....]

Over the last two years, two settlement outposts have also sprung up, one north and the other south of Ein al-Hilweh. The Civil Administration has issued stop-work orders against the outposts, but they still continue to expand. One of the outposts is an offshoot of another illegal outpost in the process of being legalized – Givat Salit. The second is located in the Umm Zuka nature reserve.