Catégorie : Cisgiordania

Haaretz, Sep 25, 2017


The Jabari family and its 25 dunams (five acres) of land, where the family has been living since long before the Gush Emunim settlement movement was founded, are obstructing Kiryat Arba’s expansion aspirations. Someone is using Israel’s sons and daughters in compulsory military service to harass the family until they leave.

[...] A none-too-wide road separates the Jabari house from the western entrance to Kiryat Arba (where the grave of the murderer Baruch Goldstein has a place of honor. One of the 29 Muslim worshippers who were murdered in February 1994 by this doctor who immigrated from the United States was Abdul Hak Jabari, Abdul Karim’s older brother). On the hill overlooking the Jabari house lies the honored settlement of Givat Avot and an Israeli police station.

What haven’t we done to get the family to leave? We’ve forbidden them to work their land, we’ve repeatedly built illegally on their land, we’ve prevented them from driving on the road. When, under pressure from a High Court petition, the ban on working their land was rescinded, we found other ways to keep them from plowing and planting or harvesting their olives.

We’ve beaten, cursed, fought, abused, bullied, walked their land like masters and sent children to harass them. To plow a mere two meters from their doorstep, they have to coordinate with Israel’s Civil Administration in the West Bank.