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Haaretz, Jul. 23, 2016

Whoever said the Republican Party is not inclusive must have been lying. The Grand Old Party is making a bold attempt to bring together both Jews and Jew-haters under one roof.

[...] In her speech, Lingle [...] mentioned Iran, BDS and the “legitimacy of Israel” as issues where Republicans are far more than pro-Israel than Democrats.

Democrats, she said, are “divided” on the issue of Israel, before reassuring the audience and people watching at home: “You’ll find no such division in the Republican Party’s leadership.”

As she was saying those words, something else was happening: The live chat feature on the convention’s YouTube livestream was getting bombarded with anti-Semitic comments such as “Press H for Hitler” and “Ban Jews” – not to mention comments referring to Lingle (who is Jewish) as a “kike.