Haaretz, May 25, 2021

This piece is being written on the assumption that they are not stupid. That the leaders of this most Jewish state know and mean what they are doing when they torture Gaza’s Palestinians, thus turning Mohammed Deif and Abu Obeida into national heroes. Even before the pitiable victory rejoicing had subsided in Gaza, Defense Minister Benny Gantz promised its residents more suffering of the kind that Israel excels in causing, no less than it excels in post-modern military attacks.

Gantz promised to continue the mass detention with no release date in the penal colony detached from the outside world, whose water isn’t fit to drink and whose land is saturated with sewage and the remains of sophisticated weaponry [....]

The policy of locking up Gaza’s residents wasn’t born with criminal suspect Benjamin Netanyahu or Gantz, who is seeking to free himself from his bungler label. They are continuing a policy that was set by their predecessors in Likud and Labor.

Repeating the same policy of separation and suffocation of Gaza means that by and large, it’s successful. A tight closure, released slightly, tightened again, then a blockade – Israel began this policy in 1991, before Hamas had an army and when the majority movement, Fatah, promised its people independence in a state covering 22 percent of historic Palestine [....]

How can one not see this as a Zionist achievement?