Jadalyya, Nov 3, 2017

The Zionist Project’s Duality: Escaping Racist Oppression and Reproducing It in Colonial Context


the Zionist project elaborated by Herzl was at its core a design elaborated by an assimilated secular Austrian Jew, aiming at getting rid of poor religious Jews coming from Eastern Europe whose migration to the West had disturbed the existence of their West European co-religionaries. Herzl acknowledged this with striking bluntness in the introduction of his book [....]

Middle East Eye, 18 January 2018

Activists are often arrested for what they write on Facebook, or even posts they are tagged in

Graffiti depicting founder of Facebook Inc Mark Zuckerberg on the Israeli separation barrier (AFP)

A fifth of Palestinians, including those with Israeli citizenship, have been arrested or investigated by either Israeli or Palestinian authorities for sharing their opinions online, according to results of a poll published by 7amleh in 2017.

January 16, 2018

Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett [World Trade Organization/Flickr]

Israeli education minister Naftali Bennett has declared that the “era of the Palestinian state” is over, renewing calls for the annexation of land in the occupied West Bank, reported Arutz Sheva.

Haaretz, Jan 16, 2017


When Israeli officers sanctimoniously warn that 95 percent of Gazas water is unfit to drink, they ignore the original absurdity: Israel forces Gaza to make do with water from the aquifer located within its borders. This aquifer, which supplied water to some 300,000 people in 1950, is now supposed to supply the same amount to two million people. Its no wonder theres overpumping and contamination by sewage and seawater.

Haaretz, Jan 17, 2018


His death represents a saving of $8500 to the Israeli taxpayer ($5000 to Rwanda for agreeing to take him and $3500 cash in hand for agreeing to leave). One down, 37,699 to go.