Haaretz, 13.02.14

Israelis - including those in the settlements - use three times as much water a day in their households as West Bank Palestinians do, according to figures provided by Palestinians and aid organizations. That is just one aspect of the large discrepancy between Israelis and Palestinians in access, development and use of water resources -- a discrepancy that has only increased since the signing of the Oslo Accords.

09 mar 2015

Aumentati nelle ultime settimane gli attacchi da parte della marina militare israeliana contro i pescatori palestinesi della Striscia di Gaza all’interno di quel piccolo spazio marittimo consentito il cui limite non è stato mai davvero rispettato dalle forze di Tel Aviv

foto e testo di Rosa Schiano

Roma, 9 marzo 2015, Nena News - Nulla sembra alleviare le sofferenze della popolazione palestinese della Striscia di Gaza, stremata a causa dell’ isolamento, della mancanza di economia e dei salari, dell’assenza di ogni prospettiva per il futuro, da 9 mesi in attesa di una ricostruzione mai realmente iniziata mentre si trova nuovamente minacciata da un’ennesima offensiva militare.

Haaretz, Mar. 16, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau said Monday that if he were to be reelected, a Palestinian state would not be created, in a definite disavowal of his 2009 speech, in which he had voiced support for the principle of two states for two peoples.

Haaretz, 09.03.15

The PLO Central Council met last week in Ramallah, but one of its resolutions – to boycott all Israeli products – is an empty one, as economists from the Palestinian Authority are well aware. It is true that one can do without many of these products (who on earth needs Israeli chocolate and chewing gum, or mineral water from the Golan Heights or Ein Gedi?).

Haaretz, Mar. 13, 2015

Palestinian laborers stack tomato crates at a farm in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on March 12, 2015. Photo by AFP

Israel imported its first fruit and vegetables from the Gaza Strip in almost eight years on Thursday, in a partial easing of an economic blockade maintained since the Islamist group Hamas seized control of the Palestinian territory.