Mondoweiss, March 27, 2015


All these figures that are embraced as peacemakers– Peres, Rabin, Beilin– arranged a situation that leads nowhere, a status quo in favor of colonialism… [...]

The New York Times, March 20, 2015

Haaretz, 20.03.15


Netanyahu's victory is also a victory for BDS. His anti-Arab, anti-two-state-solution, nationalist coalition will serve as potent propaganda fodder for painting Israel as a racist, colonial power. Students for Justice in Palestine and the BDS movement will undoubtedly continue to gain traction as long as this government as power. What's more, Netanyahu's actions will further alienate committed young Jewish pro - Israel supporters, like myself.

Haaretz, Mar. 28, 2015


Parts of the Israeli penal code have already been adopted by military judges in the West Bank. And in general, arrest, detention and penal procedures are significantly harsher when applied to West Bank Palestinians than to Israeli citizens.

Questa mattina circa 150 attivisti israeliani si sono ritrovati all’ingresso della Città Vecchia per protestare contro lo sfratto di famiglie palestinesi a Gerusalemme Est da parte di coloni. La polizia ha sequestrato i cartelli.

Gerusalemme, 27 marzo 2015, Nena News – In corso in queste ore una manifestazione organizzata da associazioni israeliane che si battono contro l’occupazione da parte dei coloni delle case palestinesi a Gerusalemme Est. La protesta segue a quella di domenica, organizzata dopo l’ordine di sfratto consegnata ad una famiglia palestinese residente in Città Vecchia, la famiglia Sub Laban.