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Haaretz, Oct. 28, 2015


By placing the burden of blame for the Holocaust on the Palestinian people, he built them into a mythical, demonic enemy, bigger than any adversary the Jewish people ever faced, effectively pardoning himself for failing to “defeat” the enemy and propping himself up for being the only one insightful enough to see the enormity of the fight.

It was “King Bibi” at his most manipulative. The same Netanyahu who, on election day last March, released a vicious video warning Jewish Israelis about “Arab voters coming to the polls in droves” and turned what seemed like a sure loss into a landslide victory. [...]

But the Mufti debacle is a conceited action that hints at a much larger victory. The reason Netanyahu talks like that is because he can.

The victory of Bibism

If Netanyahu had just been judged by more conventional parameters, based on his not-so-great performance, he might have been gone by now. However, he has long ago fought and won a very different kind of the battle: the battle for Israelis’ minds.

In the mid-90s, two rival schools of thought were vying for support among the Israeli public: let’s call them Rabinism and Bibism. One was a proactive approach, that believed it is possible to find a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The other said the exact opposite.

Two decades later, the tally is clear: Rabin is dead, not just in the literal sense. Bibi-ism has won.