Haaretz, Oct. 6, 2015


The Likudniks believe the harsh policy of suppression has stopped a third intifada erupting, and that it should be stepped up. But they are flat-out wrong. The real reason is Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ stubborn war against violence in favor of diplomacy, even as it failed to produce results.

[...] Abbas [...] cannot stop the rage on the street and the “lone wolf” terror attacks carried out by individuals who see the settlements thriving and the violence of the settlers rising, mosques and churches burning, and the Dawabsheh family burned alive without the police and the Shin Bet security service making a serious effort to find the killers [....]

The Palestinian people has lost hope in ending the occupation through nonviolent means, and for that reason Abbas does not dare to denounce the latest murders. [...]

Netanyahu, Bennett and Shaked do not want a third intifada. They are good people. They only want to be allowed to build quietly in Nablus, Hebron and East Jerusalem. They are great believers in cooperation, like the cooperation between horse and rider. After all, doesn’t the rider give his horse hay?