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Haaretz, Oct. 17, 2015


Once they shouted “Thawra thawra hata al-nasr” (“Revolution, revolution until victory). Years later, in one of the last demonstrations I took part in, I heard the man with the megaphone shout the slogan, “Thawra thawra hata al-mawt” (Revolution, revolution until death).

[...] Death, I can more or less understand, victory I can’t even imagine, and I no longer know how to draw the homeland.

It’s a slow, agonizing death.

[...] [A]nd our intelligentsia still wonder whether the Palestinians recognize the right of existence of a Jewish state [....]

In the meantime, until the democratic debate ends, it’s essential to protect the lives of the Jews, to arm civilians and imprison the Arabs.

[...] Either kill us or make us equals. Either put a bullet in our head or leave us be. But please, don’t let us die a lingering death, don’t let our hope die a slow death. It’s too cruel, and you have been standing opposite the bleeding body for too many years, once wearing short pants with a kova tembel on the head, once in uniform with an Uzi, once with a pistol and Psalms, and calling out: Die already you sons of bitches, die already.