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Haaretz, Oct. 4, 2015


For Palestinians, armed attacks against Israelis, especially within the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) are just a response to Israeli violence, a response which will never compare to the injustice done to them.

This does not mean that every Palestinian automatically supports murder. Palestinian media referred to Eitam Henkin's military past and stressed information – most likely wrong – about his senior role in military intelligence. In other words, they hinted he should not be treated as a civilian (while directly ignoring his wife as a target of the bullets). The Palestinian media reports also quoted Israeli speculation that the killers intentionally avoided harming the Henkin couple's children. After the murder of the Fogel family in Itamar, voices objecting to attacking the children of settlers grew.

[...] The Palestinian public sees a leader that is incapable of defending his people and its interests, incapable of defending against daily Israeli military incursions into neighborhoods and homes and fatal fire by soldiers.

[...] What his public sees is the resounding failure of his way and defeatism at best, and conscious collaboration with Israel at worst. Thus, even Abbas, who is out of touch with his public more than any other Palestinian leader, cannot ignore the scorn for him and the descent of his status to an unprecedented low.

[...] He doesn't even go to Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa. He cannot leave roads passing through the Area C in the West Bank without permission from and coordination with Israel, and still Israel holds him responsible for what happens within its own areas of security control. The way in which Israel makes Abbas a laughing stock, in the eyes of the Palestinian public, only weakens his arguments against using weapons even more.