Haaretz, Mar. 1, 2016

Arabs in Israel are exposed each day to more racism, experiencing firsthand mounting violence and seeing their representatives pushed to the margins of the democratic debate. Soon they will surely ask themselves and the Arab political parties what they are doing in the Knesset.

[...] [T]he Arab public wants to integrate and be represented in the country's political system, as is evident from all studies and public opinion polls. But it wants to be integrated on an equal footing, with recognition of its civil and national rights, not as a gray minority that is being absorbed here by the good graces of the Jewish majority [....]

If current trends continue, the day will come when there will be no need to suspend MKs to set the Knesset free of Arabs: The Arab public will ask its representatives not to run. It will then replace Knesset representation with a civic struggle and remove Israeli democracy’s last fig leaf.