Haaretz, Jan 13, 2016


The cave and an adjacent small, concrete house are on a 110-dunam plot that the Musa family of the village of Qaryut bought before 1967. The family planted grapes and later almond and fig trees. They also grew lentils, fava beans and wheat. Sheep and goats lived in the cave. When Israel conquered the area, it forbade them from adding rooms to the concrete home, but the extended family got by and made a living off its land.

Outposts, illegal and unauthorized, began to spring up in the area in the late 1990s. They continue to expand. Meanwhile, the violence of Israeli civilians in the Shilo region against Palestinian farmers and their fields increased. The Israel Defense Forces stood aloof.

[...] In June [2001], the family was forced to leave.

[...] And what about the robbed, impoverished Musa family? At the height of summer they go out to work in the olive groves of Jews in the Tiberias region. They receive 180 shekels for each harvest day.