Haaretz, Jan 3, 2016


1. The Bible: Sarah had a problematic relationship with the Pharoah in Egypt with Abraham's encouragement, who identified himself as her brother. King Solomon had a thousand women, many of them gentiles, and even allowed them to worship their own gods - actually considered one of his major sins. One of King David's wives, Maacah, daughter of the king of Geshur, was also a foreigner. David himself was also the great-grandchild of Boaz the Jew and Ruth the Moabite.

[...] Tel Aviv University Literature Professor Menachem Perry addressed the book banning, saying that "the censors are crying. It's a joke because in this manner they'll have to censor the Bible and Bialik, and from there they'll find a reason to censor every creation. They'll have to reject most of Hebrew literature because there isn't one that you can't find something in. Maybe we won't teach literature at all.

This atmosphere is reminiscent of the Nazi regime in the 1930s. Slowly, there will be racial purity here."