Category: Opposizione israeliana

Haaretz, Dec 27, 2015

The eye rolling and the right-wing government’s condemnations of the shocking wedding video, at which hilltop youths brandished rifles and knives and stabbed a photo of the murdered toddler Ali Dawabsheh, reflect a hypocrisy that is disingenuous and lacking awareness. Those who encourage constant violations of the law, defend land thefts and maintain different laws for two populations living under the same regime; those who embrace a movement like Im Tirtzu, which disseminates fascist propaganda, and who themselves periodically incite against Arabs and leftists, in the end must take responsibility for the behavior of the deranged hill-dwellers, Israel’s right-wing extremist fringe.

[...]The right, which encourages the settlement enterprise, and its partners in the center, which grovel before it, have no business rolling their eyes. The youths brandishing knives were not delivered by the stork from some distant land. They, like the murderers of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir, epitomize the norms of popular hatred and contempt for the rule of the law and democracy. He who flouts the law or ignores it will see his children celebrating the murder of infants.