Category: Opposizione israeliana

Haaretz, Dec. 26, 2015


Last month, Rabbi Elyakim Levanon of Elon Moreh told the Orthodox newspaper Makor Rishon that if it turns out the Duma murderer is Jewish, “a tribunal should be empaneled that will execute him.” These words, taken from a horrific internal discussion of Jewish law, are typical of the first phase of the response to Jewish terror: denial. When the facts began to emerge, the rabbis moved on to talking about wild weeds. Now, when it seems clear the suspects are from good families, the phase of casting blame has begun.

And who do they blame? The state, which shows too much lenience toward the Palestinians and abandons the Jews, who are forced to kill with their own hands. The Shin Bet, which abuses innocent children. And, OK, “the children” are a little bit guilty – but only a tiny bit. And that’s only because they hunger for redemption.