Haaretz, Dec. 25, 2015

We can already announce the winner. Religious ultranationalism, which hides behind the worn-out name “religious Zionism,” has won, big time.

[...] On “London and Kirschenbaum” this week, a weird and possibly even more relevant debate was broadcast: A “moderate” settler from Bat Ayin vs. an “extreme” settler from Yitzhar on the considered question of whether the messianic redemption should be brought forth slowly or ASAP.

[...] The conversation was conducted in seriousness. It was completely clear that the question of the pace of the bringing of redemption is the central question facing society, and that the participants represent the mainstream. All other opinions are marginal and no longer relevant.

[...] After they achieved their goal – the killing off of any diplomatic agreement and destruction of the two-state solution – they were free to turn to their next target: taking control of the public debate in Israel on the road to changing its power structure, character and substance.


from http://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/.premium-1.693496