Haaretz, Oct. 24, 2015


I once witnessed people avidly kissing a mezuzah at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital at the height of a flu outbreak. From a bacterial perspective, I doubt it helped them. However, I realize that it’s also OK to be irrational. From my perspective, people can believe what they want and kiss whatever pleases them, as long as it does them some good.

It’s a different matter when it comes to publicly elected officials, though. My children’s safety and education are in their hands, as well as my taxes. I can’t accept that, in the midst of a strategic crisis, senior officials in the two largest parties lead a missionary campaign that sanctifies magic and mysticism.

Until recently, people here scoffed at ultra-Orthodox people who had pretensions of protecting the country by studying the Torah. [...] Politicians urge people to kiss mezuzahs. The prime minister claims that Adolf Hitler was only obeying the Palestinians’ orders. Madness is closing in around me. I don’t know how much longer I can live here like this. It would be a very irrational thing to do.