Haaretz, Nov. 30, 2015


In the normal world, the separation is clear: The generals demand a more aggressive approach and the civilian leadership restrains them. Here, though, things are topsy-turvy: The heads of the defense establishment want to ease up on the Palestinians – but instead of seizing the opportunity, the civilian leadership refuses, even while holding an emergency session to discuss how to cope with the day after the Palestinian Authority’s collapse. 

[...] So now it’s official: the Israeli Sparta is here. A joyous return to a classic form of brutal conquest, along with the proud and cheerful association with the scum of the earth.

Instead of job fairs for scientists, engineers and economists, there’ll be job fairs to recruit military governors, Shin Bet security service interrogators and prison guards. And instead of showing visitors irrigation systems, they’ll be shown munitions and diverse killing machines. To borrow from Isaiah 2:4: “And they shall beat their irrigation hoses into machine guns.”