Haaretz, Nov. 11, 2015


In the course of the negotiations, which included dozens of meetings with Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala), [Livni] usually said the following:

1. Nothing is leaking from the talks, which proves they’re serious.

2. All the issues are on the table; we’re talking about everything.

After the negotiations concluded, the following facts emerged:

1. True, nothing leaked – [...] for the simple reason that there was nothing to leak. The negotiations were fruitless [....]

2. [...] The ultra-Orthodox political party Shas had stated publicly: We will not be part of a government that negotiates about Jerusalem. Livni supposedly made it clear she couldn’t give two hoots about that political demand, and she was talking about everything. She fooled us. It turned out afterward that she did not talk about Jerusalem. [...]

To conduct negotiations on a final-status settlement without talking about Jerusalem is like trying to sell a house without discussing the price. [...]

In the end they devised a paper – “they” being Livni, Netanyahu and Kerry. The Palestinians? They can just wait patiently. When we finish with Netanyahu, and it’s to our satisfaction, we’ll talk to them. But when the blacks – sorry, the Palestinians – arrived, they were offended and didn’t want to play the game. A bunch of recalcitrant rejectionists.