Haaretz, Sep. 15, 2015

One evening, back when my daughter was in high school, she showed me the map that her teacher handed out in geography class. It was a schematic drawing, black lines on white paper. The outside line enclosed the area of Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights. The inside lines divided it into geographic regions that the students were supposed to label – Samaria hills, coastal plain, and so forth. My daughter had stopped the class with a question. "Where's the Green Line?" she'd asked the dumbfounded teacher.

[...] I have long parental experience – starting when my eldest was in kindergarten and one of his teachers devoted a good part of a morning drilling into her five-year-olds the catechism, "The Cave of Machpelah does not belong to the Arabs."

Later, my youngest was in third grade when Likud was about to hold its internal party vote on the disengagement from Gaza. Her teacher made an addition to the class's morning prayers: asking the Almighty to sway members to vote no. [...]

In the winter of 2006, one of the teachers at my son's high school left during the school day with two students for an extracurricular activity: joining the crowd of demonstrators at the outpost of Amona, trying to prevent police from carrying out a Supreme Court order to demolish houses built on private Palestinian land. [...]


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